How can I stay up to date with all the news on the Open de España?

To stay up to date with all the news and promotions related to the Open de España, keep an eye on our website and our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Where can I find accommodation near the Club de Campo?

You can find information on accommodation on the Madrid City Council’s website:

Can I use my laptop and tablet on the premises?

Yes, no problem at all.

Can you enter with cameras?

You may enter with cameras for personal use, but filming or recording without the previous authorisation from the organisation is not permitted, and it is very important to respect the players’ moments of concentration throughout the competition.

Do children have to pay for tickets?

Children under the age of three enter for free.

Can food and/or drink be brought into the venue?

No, food and drink may not be brought in. There are food and beverage areas inside the venue. In cases where it is necessary for health reasons, an e-mail must be sent in advance to entradas@madrid-open.comtogether with medical justification so that the Organisation can provide a certificate.

I want to see Jon Rahm (or any other player). When is he playing?

Tee times will be established on Tuesday 24 September.

When can I find out which players are playing in the tournament?

The definitive list of players will not be known until approximately two weeks before the tournament. This list may change up until the day before the start of the tournament.

Can I bring my car onto the premises?

There will be no parking for the general public, only for accredited personnel.

Can I leave and re-enter the site?

No, once you have left the premises, you will not be allowed to re-enter.

How is it possible that Open de España tickets are being sold on other websites?

Open de España tickets are only sold on the tournament’s official website. Tickets sold on unauthorised channels may be fake or cost more than the official price. Madrid Trophy Promotion S.L. accepts no responsibility for any tickets acquired anywhere other than the official sales channels.

Are there any surcharges on the tickets?

The prices of all tickets, regardless of their value, will have an added cost of €2 for Service and Administration Expenses.

Can tickets be reprinted if they are lost?

No, in no event shall duplicate tickets be issued. The organisation shall not be held responsible for any possible losses or damage to tickets.

What time does play start?

Thursday and Friday tee times are as follows: from 08:40 to 09:50 from the 1st and 10th tees, and from 12:50 to 14:10 from the 1st and 10th tees. Saturday and Sunday tee times will be established on Friday after the cut. Gates open at 08:00.

Can tickets be returned?

No, purchases are final and no changes or returns will be permitted.

Are tickets sent by post?

For security reasons, tickets are not sent by post.

Do I have to show any identification when I collect my tickets?

An ID card (DNI) or passport must be shown in order to collect tickets. If the person who comes to collect them is not the person who made the purchase (that is, the person whose details were registered during the purchasing process; note that the person who makes the payment does not have to be the purchaser) they must bring a signed authorisation and a photocopy of the purchaser’s ID card (DNI) or passport. Important: tickets will not be issued if these requirements are not met.

If there are no tickets available on the website, will I be able to get some by going to the ticket offices to buy them?

No, the number of tickets available is the same, regardless of the sales channel.