Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind experience?

Join the Open de España Volunteer Team

Volunteers at the Open de España will directly participate in operations before, during and after the tournament, and they are expected to play an active role in helping to create a warm and exciting atmosphere, thus contributing to its overall success.

Number of days volunteering

In principle, volunteers will be required to work with the organisation from Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 October. Optionally, some volunteers may also participate on Wednesday 2 October. Depending on the different working hours at the positions to be covered during the tournament, the content and the location of the volunteer activities and the shifts, the number of days volunteers will be required to work may vary.

In all cases, once accepted to form part of the Open de España Volunteer Team, you commit to participate and help during the entire tournament in accordance with the assigned role.

Working hours

You will be able to choose from the following working hours:

  • Morning shift, from 06:30 to 13:30, approximately
  • Afternoon shift, from 13:00 a 19:30, approximately

Minimum age and other selection criteria

Anyone wanting to form part of the volunteer team must comply with the following minimum requirements:

  • Must be of legal age (18 years) by 25 September 2021
  • Must be available on the dates of the training sessions, which will be communicated once you have been accepted
  • Must be available to participate during the tournament (from 6 to 10 October)
  • Certain skills and capabilities will be required for positions of greater responsibility
  • Volunteers must wear the uniform given to them and comply with their selected working hours
  • Must be a member of the Spanish golf federation and in possession of a valid licence

You will receive

  • A uniform consisting in two polo shirts, a jacket and a cap
  • Breakfast or lunch, depending on the chosen shift
  • Parking within the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid premises
  • An official certificate of participation
  • The possibility of obtaining tickets
  • A personal and non-transferable accreditation for the event


Selection period

The selection period for volunteers will be from August to the middle of September.

Application process

Applications can be made on the Open de España website in the Volunteers section, and on the Real Federación Española de Golf website.

The volunteer website and the application will be accessible according to the Open de España accessibility and privacy guidelines.

Fill in the registration form by clicking here.

What will happen after your application?

Once you have completed your application to form part of the organisation, a process will start by means of which those volunteers that meet the minimum requirements, and whose characteristics best suit the roles and requirements and that may contribute enthusiasm, energy and dedication to the Tournament, will be selected. You will start a journey whose destination is the first week of October at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid.

Application process opens
August - September
Selection according to profiles and roles begins
1st or 2nd week of September
Confirmations will be sent by email
2nd or 3rd week of September
The dates for training and issuing uniforms will be communicated
4th week of September
Group training sessions and issue of uniforms
7 to 10 October
2021 Open de España

Roles to fill

There will be positions available in the marketing, communication, operations and accreditations departments, as well as many others. When you sign up as a volunteer you’ll have the chance to choose the two roles that most interest you from a list of possibilities we’ll offer you. We’ll do everything we can to take your choice into account, but we cannot guarantee that you will be given that role.


To see all the positions you can choose from, click here.


Training and orientation days*

Every volunteer will be required to attend a training session, which will take approximately 2 to 4 hours and will be at Club de Campo Villa de Madrid.

The purpose of these training sessions is for you to discover your tasks and the roles you will perform and it is also when you will meet your coordinators and fellow volunteers.

*You won’t have to attend every day. There will be one session per group and we will give you plenty of notice.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of being a volunteer at the Open de España?
Forming part of the Open de España as a volunteer is a unique opportunity: experience a large international championship and be close to the action. It is an opportunity to meet people, discover new working environments and enjoy great sporting moments. Volunteers will receive specific training, an official uniform with the colours of the event, an official certificate of participation, a personal and non-transferable accreditation for the event and the possibility of obtaining tickets. Breakfast and lunch will be covered by the organisation and all selected volunteers will be covered by insurance.

Is transport or accommodation paid for during the volunteer work?
No. Transport and accommodation will be covered by the volunteer.

Do volunteers receive any monetary payment?
Being an Open de España Volunteer is an unpaid position. Being part of the organisation team gives you the opportunity to experience the event from behind the scenes.

As a volunteer, will I be insured in the event of an accident during my work?
With your collaboration as a volunteer at the Open de España, you will be covered with civil liability insurance.

What is a typical day like?
In principle and as a commitment to the organisation volunteers commit to attend throughout at the whole tournament or as long as the role they have been selected for is carried out. There will be volunteers that start a few days before the event begins and others that start midweek. Each role has a different schedule and specific working hours during which the volunteers will be collaborating with the organisation. You will be informed of these and other aspects during the training session.

Can I be a volunteer if I am 16 years old at the start of the Open de España?
Unfortunately not, all candidates must be at least 18 by 25 September 2021.

I have a disability, can I apply to be a volunteer?
Of course, the Open de España Volunteer Team is open to everyone.

Can I be a volunteer if I don’t live in Madrid or in Spain?
Of course, all applications are treated equally, regardless of the place of residence. Sign up and we will contact you as soon as possible. We must remind you however that the organisation does not cover travel or accommodation expenses.

I have volunteered at other events, can I participate?
Of course, in fact previous experience is positive and it will help us improve.

How can I contact the volunteer team?
You can email us at